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11 December 2007: The Politics of Immigration
Jane Guskin and David Wilson discuss their new book The Politics of Immigration. Music: Anthems of the undocumented from Los Tigres del Norte

30 October 2007: Harry Houdini's Last Seance
Ann Marie Hendrickson presents an authentic recording of the 1938 live-broadcast seance by the widow of Harry Houdini to contact her late husband. Also: a Gotham Radio Players production of a "lost" episode of classic 1930s horror radio show "Lights Out." Music: the Misfits, the Shaggs

13 November 2007: Voices of the Amazigh XI
Issouf ag-Maha, spokesman for the Mouvement des Nigériens pour la Justice (MNJ), speaks on the new Tuareg guerilla struggle. Music: Toumast

18 September 2007: The Bonzo Detectives
Ann Marie Hendrickson on Roberto Bolaño and the Bonzo Dog Band.

25 December 2007: Moorish Orthodox Christmas
Bill Weinberg plays Moorish-influenced Christmas music from Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band

9 October 2007: The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade's Greatest Hits III
Bill Weinberg and Ann Marie Hendrickson spin classics from the MORC's famed international music library in a stunningly successful fund-raising show. With samples from the Sahara Desert of Mali, Miskito Coast of Honduras, Resian Alps of Italy and more. Also: Ann Marie on the politics of Columbus Day.

25 September 2007: Happy Birthday, Maxwell J. Schmid
An on-air party as WBAI producers Ann Marie Hendrickson, Bill Weinberg, Sharon Gregory, R. Paul Martin, "Uncle" Sidney Smith and Kathy Davis wish a happy birthday to Max Schmid of the Golden Age of Radio. Also: the politics of listener phone calls. Music: Camper Van Beethoven

2 October 2007: From Gene Autry to 3:10 to Yuma
Ann Marie Hendrickson on the evolution of Hollywood's portrayal of Old West. Music: baseball songs to commemorate the Mets debacle

23 October 2007: The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade's Greatest Hits IV
Max Schmid, covering for the missing Bill and Ann Marie, continues the fund-raising effort, with qawwali music from Pakistan, gnawa music from Morocco, capoeira music from Brazil, and other international samples from the MORC musical archive.

18 December 2007: The Struggle in New Orleans IV
New Orleans resident and activist Sam Jackson calls in from the threatened BW Cooper housing project. Music: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

20 November 2007: Gastronomic Resistance II
Bill Weinberg rants about the cultural cleansing of New York's working-class ethnic restaurants and the general deterioration of American cuisine. Music: Malvina Reynolds' "The New Restaurant," Booker T. & MG's' "Green Onions," Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention's "Call Any Vegetable," Woody Guthrie's "Farmer-Labor Train," Leadbelly's "New York City." Links: Alec Baldwin disses New York culture

27 November 2007

6 November 2007: Anti-Globalization Struggle in Japan
Anarchist film critic Go Hirasawa and journalist Sabu Kohso, a contributor to the Japan After Japan anthology, discuss the NO G8 protests planned for the upcoming 2008 summit in Hokkaido, Japanese underground cinema, the legacy of the Japanese armed left movement of the '60s and '70s, and the repression that followed in its wake. With Italian radical rap music in memory of Carlo Giuliani

16 October 2007: The Struggle in Oaxaca IV
Miguel Angel Vasquez of Oaxaca's Servicios para una Educación Alternativa (EDUCA) speaks on the state of the struggle one year after the federal crackdown. With folkloric music from the region.

4 December 2007: WBAI Under Siege—Again?! II
Bill Weinberg and Max Schmid discuss the contested WBAI elections, airing the positions of both Justice & Unity and the dissidents. With Metadomus, Indonesian "metamorfoka" music

10 February 2009: Presidential Blues
Bill Weinberg raises money for WBAI with his special premium of presidentially themed topical songs, charting American history from from the Lincoln assassination through the Bush debacle. Music: Henry Clay Work, the North Carolina Ramblers, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Howlin' Wolf, Gil Scott Heron, the Ramones and much more.

15 December 2009: The Struggle in Iran IV
Kevin B. Anderson, co-author of Foucault and the Iranian Revolution; Kamran Afary, author of Performance and Activism: Grassroots Discourse after the Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992; and Frieda Afary of the website Iranian Progressives in Translation return for a discussion of the continuing upheaval in Iran. Music: Niyaz

24 March 2009: Farewell, Citizen Kafka
Bill Weinberg bids farewell to WBAI legend Richard Shulberg AKA Citizen Kafka with musical samples from the Wretched Refuse String Band and the Secret Museum of Mankind.

8 December 2009: Linguistic Diversity
Ken Gale of Eco-Logic, WBAI's Environmentalism Show, interviews Alexei Kondratiev of the Irish Arts Center on the survival struggle of threatened languages. With traditional music from Iran, Polynesia, Wales and the Mohawks.

23 June 2009: The Struggle in Iran III
Kevin B. Anderson, co-author of Foucault and the Iranian Revolution; Kamran Afary, author of Performance and Activism: Grassroots Discourse after the Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992; and journalist and translator Frieda Afary on the upheaval in Iran. Music: Berber songster Moh Alileche in commemoration of Lounes Matoub

7 April 2009: The Politics of WBAI
Bill Weinberg on the latest crises of the global economy and WBAI. Music: classic songs of the Great Depression

21 April 2009: Free Somaliland
Bill Weinberg interviews Dr. Saad Noor, North American representative of the Republic of Somaliland, on the pirate crisis and the struggle for a Free Somaliland. Music: more from the El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers

28 April 2009: The Politics of Piracy... and WBAI
Bill Weinberg with more on the Somali pirate crisis, the Afghan civil resistance... and the WBAI crisis. Music: Hossein Behroozi-nia, master of the barbat (Persian lute)

24 February 2009: Whither Hugo Chavez? III
Nikolas Kozloff, author of Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left, joins Bill Weinberg to discuss the Venezuelan synagogue attack. Music: Joe Cuba Sextet, Marco Granados

8 September 2009: Homage to Ellie Greenwich
Ann Marie Hendrickson on the legacy of legendary girl-group songwriter Ellie Greenwich.

17 November 2009: Nazis Occupy Afghanistan? II
As the rest of the world remembers the Velvet Revolution, Bill Weinberg remembers the martyrs of the Czech anti-Nazi resistance and notes the rise of a neo-Nazi underground in the contemporary Czech Republic. Music: Plastic People of the Universe.

14 July 2009: Lessons from 1649
Lew Finzel, speaking from Oakland, Calif., looks back on Gerald Winstanley, the Diggers and the English Revolution, to ask "Can We Still Turn The World Upside Down?" Music: English Rebel Songs from Chumbawamba.

17 February 2009: The Politics of Media Contraction
Bill Weinberg and journalist Robert Waddell of Virtual Boricua on the evisceration and dumbing down of world media. Music: Al-Nujoom Folklore Debka (NY-Palestinian)

11 August 2009

1 September 2009: Politics and the English Language
Bill Weinberg rants about cyber-culture's assault on literacy, language and thought; reads George Orwell. Music: Lena Horne, Gang of Four

21 July 2009: Solidarity with Honduras
Bill Weinberg with an update on the struggle in Honduras, US geo-strategic designs in the region, and the possible role of Otto Reich. Music: Punta Rock from the Garifuna people.

6 October 2009: Hugo Blanco Speaks
Bill Weinberg presents portions of his interview with longtime Peruvian activist and veteran guerilla fighter Hugo Blanco on the campesino movements of the 1960s and the contemporary struggle in the Amazon. Music: Farewell, Mercedes Sosa

24 November 2009: What is a Semite?
Bill Weinberg definitively answers the question. Music: Syrian oud master Husain Sabsaby.

3 February 2009: Civil Resistance in Iraq VI
Khayal Ibrahim of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) calls in to discuss the anti-woman backlash in Iraqi Kurdistan. Music: New York-based pan-Arab ensemble Zikrayat

29 December 2009: Travels with Sun Wukong
Bill Weinberg reads selections from the classic Chinese fantasy-folk novel Journey to the West. With monkey songs from Chuck Berry, Peter Gabriel, the Kinks, Ketchak Peliatan (Balinese Monkey Dance), Wu Man on the pipa (Chinese lute)

6 January 2009: Politics of the Gaza Aggression
Bill Weinberg discusses the moral politics of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Music: Amal Murkus (Palestine)

25 August 2009

9 June 2009: The Struggle in Peru
Bill Weinberg on the resistance and repression in the Peruvian Amazon. Music: Quechua songster Jaime Guardia's Sangre Andina; Chicha Libre jungle-pop

7 July 2009: Michael Knight's Islamic Quest II
Michael Muhammad Knight returns to discuss his new book, The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip Hop and the Gods of New York. Music: Wu-Tang Clan, etc.

19 May 2009: Indigenous Voices
Elaine Benavides of Earth Peoples joins Mohawk activist-musician Laurence Laughing. Music: Seth Tobocman and the World War 3 Illustrated band perform live in the studio again. Also: Lebanese violin virtuoso Georges Lammam

22 September 2009

28 July 2009: Solidarity with Uighurstan
Bill Weinberg provides an update on the struggle in Xinjiang, reads traditional anarchist-tinged Uighur folktales of Effendi Nasreddin. Music: contemporary Uighur songster Mamer.

5 May 2009: Resistance Behind Bars
Victoria Law discusses her new book Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women. Music: Seth Tobocman and the World War 3 Illustrated house band perform live in the studio.

2 June 2009: From Gaza to Tamil Eelam
Bill Weinberg with a comparison of international reactions to Sri Lanka's war crimes in the Tamil north and Israel's war crimes in Gaza. Music: more Amal Murkus

3 March 2009: Farewell, Fallen Divas
Bill Weinberg pays homage to Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Yma Sumac and Eartha Kitt

12 May 2009: The Politics of WBAI II
Bill Weinberg discusses the changes at WBAI and elsewhere in the Pacifica network. Music: Wretched Refuse String Band with the late Citizen Kafka, dutar (Afghan lute) master Aziz Herawi

26 May 2009: The Politics of WBAI III
Bill Weinberg with more on the regime change at WBAI and what it means for the Pacifica Mission. Also: solidarity with Sri Lanka's Tamils. Music: Amal Murkus (Palestine)

13 January 2009: Moorish Orthodox New Year III
Bill Weinberg celebrates Yennayer (Berber New Year, Jan. 12) and Noble Drew Ali's Birthday (Jan. 8), compares the Berber and Palestinian self-determination struggles. Music: Rayssa Fatima Tabaamrant, traditional rwais from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

20 October 2009: The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio
Bill Weinberg rants against the creeping comercialization of WBAI, reads Lew Hill. Music: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Reshma, Master Saleem and more Indo-Pakistani sufi-pop

14 April 2009: The Politics of Piracy
Bill Weinberg on the Somali pirate crisis and its mirror in the early 19th-century Barbary Wars. Music: Abdel Hadi Halo & the El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers

27 January 2009: Whither Obama? II
Bill Weinberg continues the discussion, after Obama's first week in office saw deadly air-strikes on both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Music: more Kenge Kenge, Henry Clay Work's "Who Shall Rule This American Nation?" (1866)

31 March 2009

13 October 2009: The Privatization of New York City II
Bill Weinberg continues his perennial rant on the creeping corporate privatization of New York City—and Obama's Orwellian Peace Prize. Music: bhangra-hip-hop from Jackson Heights, Queens

22 December 2009: Paranoid Hanukkah Party
Bill Weinberg plays festive holiday music from Teslim and Dan Hicks' Christmas Jug Band, but finds his Jewish paranoia grimly vindicated from Moscow to Calgary.

18 August 2009

20 January 2009: Whither Obama?
Bill Weinberg with an historical comparison of Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln from a political-economy perspective. Music: Kenge Kenge, traditional Luo roots from Kenya

15 September 2009

1 December 2009: Red Noir
Judith Malina and fellow members of The Living Theatre perform and discuss selections from their new anarchist detective thriller, Anne Waldman's Red Noir.

30 June 2009: The Politics of WBAI IV
Bill Weinberg and Max Schmid analyze (and spar over) the opposed factions struggling to "Take Back WBAI" and "Take Forward WBAI." Music: Manu Dibango in homage to Michael Jackson

10 November 2009: Nazis Occupy Afghanistan?
As the rest of the world remembers the fall of the Berlin Wall, Bill Weinberg (like his neo-Nazi adversaries) remembers Kristallnacht, and asks are Nazis occupying Afghanistan? With traditional and contemporary Turkish music from Talip Ozkan and Mercan Dede.

27 October 2009: The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio II
Bill Weinberg continues the discusison, rants against the Paranoid Style at Pacifica. Music: spooky Halloween songs from John Lee Hooker, Black Sabbath; more sufi-pop

17 March 2009: St. Patrick's Day Special on El Salvador
Bill Weinberg spins great Irish tunes, discusses the historic electoral victory for the left in El Salvador. Music: The Chieftains, Solas, Holly Tannen, Robbie Hannan, Paul McGrattan, etc.

29 September 2009: The Struggle in Peru II
Bill Weinberg with a travelogue and update on the indigenous struggle in Peru. Music: Anoshka (Puerto Maldonado), Los Hermanos del Ande (Huaraz), Armonia Vertientina (Aija)

10 March 2009: Against the Conspiracy Theory of History II
Bill Weinberg calls out WBAI's latest conspiracy guru as a right-wing charlatan, rants against the populist right's ongoing buy-out of the radical left. With traditional Bedouin music from Oran, Algeria.

3 November 2009: The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio III
Bill Weinberg continues the discussion, takes listener phone calls. Music: Trance of India with DJ Sohbash

12 August 2008: Whither Abkhazia?
Bill Weinberg discusses the crisis in Georgia, and how South Ossetia and Abkhazia became new Cold War frontlines. Music: traditional Georgian epic songs and hymns from the Rustavi Choir.

17 June 2008: Whither Hugo Chavez? II
Nikolas Kozloff, author of Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left, returns to ask if isn't enough with the Hugo Chavez hero worship. With more authentic Venezuelan llanero music.

29 April 2008: The Struggle for Chinatown
Josephine Lee and Rob Hollander of the Coalition to Protect Chinatown/LES on the super-development of Lower Manhattan and the re-zoning controversy. Music: Antibalas, other classic New York Latin funk.

22 July 2008: The Tompkins Square Riot: 20 Years Later
Chris Flash, editor of the Lower East Side underground paper The Shadow, and Frank Morales, co-editor of the anthology Police State America, reflect on the legacy of Tompkins Square Park 20 years after the Aug. 6, 1988 police riot. Music: peroid sounds of Missing Foundation.

28 October 2008: Worse Than They Want You to Think
Andrew Kliman, author of Reclaiming Marx's "Capital": A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency and a founding member of the Marxist-Humanist Committee, presents his Marxist Analysis of the Economic Crisis. Music: Chicago bluesman John Brim's "Tough Times" (1952)

15 July 2008: Disaster and Resistance
Seth Tobocman and the Improvised Explosive Devices perform and discuss selections from Seth's new book Disaster and Resistance, with works on Iraq, Palestine, the Niger Delta, post-Katrina New Orleans, the bayou country and more. Also: Karen Marie Fiorito of Yo! What Happened to Peace?; housing activist and defendant Jamie "Bork" Laughner calls in on the struggle in New Orleans. Music: Al-Nujoom Folklore Debka (NY-Palestinian)

30 September 2008: Secret History of the Indian Mutiny
Amaresh Misra discusses his book War of Civilisations: 1857 AD, on Britain's forgotten holocaust in India and its meaning for contemporary anti-imperialist struggle. Music: The Bauls of Bengal

8 April 2008: Anarchist Book Fair
Bill Weinberg discusses the upcoming NYC Anarchist Book Fair and his recent visit to the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair and Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in Oakland. Also: the legacy of the 1946 Oakland General Strike and 1963 Berkeley Free Speech Movement. With new music from Berkeley's legendary world music club Ashkenaz, including Moh Alileche (Algeria), Mamadou & Vanessa (Mali), Nawal (Comoros), Solo Cissokho (Senegal).

1 July 2008: Third World Psychedelia
Bill Weinberg spins 1960s psychedelic and garage rock nuggets from Cuba, Mexico and West Africa. Also: Marisol Ruiz and Kazembe Balagun of the Brecht Forum on revolutionary culture in New York City.

20 May 2008: The Struggle in Zimbabwe II
Bill Weinberg presents more excerpts from his 2002 interview with Zimbabwean Afro-pop superstar Thomas Mapfumo to shed light on the current escalation in Zimbabwe. Music: Baly Othmani (Algeria) and Thomas Mapfumo (of course)

19 August 2008: Whither Uighurstan? II
Bill Weinberg with more on the ironies of the Uighur struggle, and traditional Uighur music from Xinjiang.

9 September 2008: The Electoral Farce? III
Bill Times Up and Liane Nikitavitch report back from the RNC protests. Bill Weinberg polls the listeners on how they intend to vote. Music: The Psychedlic Furs' "President Gas"; the New Lost City Ramblers' "Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Back Again"

29 July 2008: Critical Mass Under Attack V
Bill Weinberg and Bill Times Up on the latest escalation against Critical Mass. Music: new bhangra and Bollywood.

23 December 2008: Sephardic Folk Song
Gloria de Vidas Kirchheimer discusses the musical and linguistic legacy of the Sephardic Jews, from Izmir and Alexandria to Harlem and the Lower East Side. With samples from her ground-breaking 1959 album for Folkways

2 December 2008: Solidarity with Mumbai
Bill Weinberg dissects the politics of the Mumbai attacks, and the conspiracy theories. Music: Mumbai-born diva Kishore Amonkar and other classical ragas

14 October 2008: Witness in Palestine
Anna Baltzer calls in from her national tour to discuss her book Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. Music: Lebanese diva Magida el-Roumi

16 December 2008: How To Rule The World
Mark Engler, author of How To Rule The World: The Coming Battle Over the Global Economy, on the financial crisis and the end of the "Washington Consensus." Music: Buster Brown's "Fannie Mae," Barrett Strong's "Money"

30 December 2008: The Star of the Magi: 2000 Years Later
Courtney Roberts, creator of the Astrological Weather website, discusses her book The Star of the Magi: The Mystery That Heralded the Coming of Christ. Music: Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band

15 April 2008: The Gastronomic Dilemma III
Ann Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg on the politics of vegetarianism. With more food-themed songs from Professor Louie, Syd Barrett, Dee Dee Sharp, Spike Jones. Link: Veggie Pride Parade

22 April 2008: Whither Tibet? II
Bill Weinberg with an update on the struggle in Tibet and what it means for the global indigenous struggle. With more Tibetan temple music and contemporary Tibetan ethno-pop.

4 November 2008: Yes We Did. Now What?
Bill Weinberg and a studio full of activists and scholars including Marisol Ruiz, Kazembe Balagun, Russell Dale, Jana Ridvanova and Bill Koehline of the Brecht Forum and Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory discuss the historic election of Barack Obama—with varying degrees of cynicism. Music: Kenyan homages to the US president-elect, including "Obama Ubarikiwe" (Obama be Blessed) by Samba Mapangala, "Obama for Change" by Kenge Kenge and "Obama be Thy Name" by Makadem. (Special two-part show)

16 September 2008: Whither Conspiracy Theory? II
Max Schmid and Bill Weinberg present classic 1950s UFO-ology broadcasts from Long John Nebel and 1960s "Paul is Dead" wackjobbery, discuss the politics of conspiranoia. Music: Steve Earle's "Conspiracy Theory" (of course)

2 September 2008: Geopolitics of the Great Game
Bill Weinberg on struggles for autonomy and cultural survival from the Balkans, Caucasus and Uighurstan to the Amazon. With traditional Kosovar Albanian music of Rifat Berisha

21 October 2008: The Electoral Farce? III
Bill Weinberg with an exegesis on the contradictions of the American two-party system and a continuation of the on-air listener poll. With samples from Oscar Brand's historical collection of Presidential Campaign Songs

25 November 2008: Adalah Means Justice
Andrew Muhad El-Kadi on the upcoming gala benefit for the New York chapter of Adalah: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, and updates on West Bank land theft and the siege in Gaza. Music: oud virtuoso Simon Shaheen

5 August 2008: Whither Uighurstan?
Bill Weinberg discusses the Uighur self-determination struggle in Xinjiang, takes calls on the nature of the contemporary Chinese state. Music: traditional Mongol and Buryat song, and (forgive the corniness) the Red Rockers' "China."

27 May 2008: Prince Caspian as Revenge Fantasy
Bill Weinberg discusses the tension between Christian ideology and paganistic atavism in the works of CS Lewis. Music: traditional pipes and fiddles of the Laz, an ancient people of the Caucasus Mountains

7 October 2008: The Crimes of Alberto Fujimori
Francisco Soberón of Peru's Associación Pro-Derechos Humanos (APRODEH) on his effort to bring war crimes charges against Alberto Fujimori. Music: Las Campesinas de Cajamarca

3 June 2008: Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia
San Francisco anarchist personality Chris Carlsson discusses his new book Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today. Also: Eric Goodman with music from his performance work Thus Spoke the Spectacle, inspired by the theories of Guy Debord.

6 May 2008: The Privatization of New York City
Bill Weinberg on the creeping corporate privatization of New York City—and the resistance. Music: Joe Cuba Sextet, more Nuyorican funk.

11 November 2008: The Struggle in Mauritania III
Abdarahmane Wone of the African Liberation Forces of Mauritania (FLAM) and the Refugee Defense Alliance discuss the repression of the anti-slavery and pro-democracy struggle since the August military coup. With new political rap music from Mauritania's Jam Min Tekke.

8 July 2008: The Struggle for Union Square
Mark Reed of NYC Park Advocates and Geoffrey Croft of the Union Square Community Improvement District (get it?) on the battle for public space in New York City. Also: update on the struggle for 47 East 3rd Street. Music: more third world psychedelia

18 November 2008: Yes We Did. Now What? II
Bill Weinberg discusses recent racist attacks, anti-immigrant violence and other ominous signs of a radical-right backlash against the election of Barack Obama. With new new music from Mali, including Bassekou Kouyate, Oumou Sangare and Rokia Traore. Also: Farewell, Miriam Makeba

26 August 2008: Whither Tibet? III
Jacob Blumenfeld, one of several foreigners detained in Beijing for holding Free Tibet protests at the Olympics, speaks. With more contemporary Tibetan pop and protest music. Link: Free Tibet 2008

23 September 2008: Whither Conspiracy Theory? III
Max Schmid and Bill Weinberg continue to poke fun at the 9-11 conspiranoids with more UFO-ology and Paul-is-Deadery. Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beatles (of course)

10 June 2008: Spirit of Sepharad
Sephardic songster Gerard Edery performs live in the studio and discusses the legacy of Judeo-Spanish music and culture. With samples from his new album, Two Faiths, One Voice, a collaboration with vocalist and folklorist Maria Krupoves.

13 May 2008: From Darfur to Nubia II
Bill Weinberg presents more excerpts from his 1996 interview with Sheikh Anwar McKeen, exiled King of Nubia, to shed light on the current escalation in Sudan. Music: Nubian oud masters Hamza El Din, Abdel Gadir Salim.

9 December 2008: Solidarity with Mumbai II
Bill Weinberg with more on the politics of the Mumbai attacks, and the conspiracy theories. Also: the paraxodical anti-imperialism of the new James Bond movie. Music: Shruti Sadolikar-katkar and more classical ragas